Saturday, November 17, 2007

Are you honest enough

I am a beautiful woman, but that is not enough. I want to be beautiful inside too. A few days ago, when I chatted with my friends on, they supported my idea. One of them even told me the story about her grandparents. I was so moved.
Her grandparents believed you were either honest or you weren't. There was no in between. They had a simple motto hanging on their living-room wall: "Life is like a field of newly fallen snow; where I choose to walk every step will show."
A good test for this value is to look at what I call the Integrity Trial, which consists of three key principles:
Stand firmly for your convictions in the face of personal pressure.
When you know you're right, you can't back down.
Always give others credit that is rightfully theirs. Don't be afraid of those who might have a better idea or who might even be smarter than you are.
Be honest and open about who you really are. People who lack genuine core values rely on external factors--their looks or status---in order to feel good about themselves. Inevitably they will do everything they can to preserve this facade, but they will do very little to develop their inner value and personal growth.
So be yourself. Don't engage in a personal cover-up of areas that are unpleasing in your life. When it's tough, do it tough. In other words, face reality and be adult in your responses to life's challenges.
Self-respect and a clear conscience are powerful components of integrity and are the basis for enriching your relationships with others.
To do all of these seems very difficult, but I will try. Because that is my aim.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

baby, I'm waiting for you

If you want to date a wealthy woman, where do you look for one?
A bank is a good place to start, but rather than loitering around, gaining suspicion, you may want to consider the internet. Dating a wealthy woman is no mean feat, but options have expanded and the dating world has evolved to cater for the demands of single men who are looking for wealthy women.

What’s the upside to dating a wealthy woman?

Men in the main are looking for a supporter, a compatible female who is willing to help him one day make a nest. Although that day may not be immediate, it's still, in the main, an essential part of a men’s existence and ancestry.
For men seeking a comfortable and secure future, dating with a wealthy woman can be a step in the right direction.

Additional credits are given to women who are wealthy since their success is usually as a result of their character, drive and ambition. And these in themselves are very suitable qualities to men who are seeking the 'perfect, wealthy woman'.

What’s the best way to find a wealthy man?

Look for the best dating sites, though to save you the effort of research, we are confident in recommending as one of the leading sites dedicated to wealthy men and attractive women.

Monday, October 22, 2007

female activity

- Nanny Jennifer Russell has cared for the children of wealthy couples for thirteen years and has come to the conclusion that "some rich people just shouldn't be allowed to have children." Right or wrong all it takes is a quick fumble to be a parent, what are your thoughts DollyMixers?
- Do you like a flutter? Recent studies have shown that more and more women in the UK are gambling, with us ladies making up a quarter of addicts in the country. Is this what we’re doing with the equal pay we’re earning?
- Turns out its not just us mere mortals that get all sweaty-palmed at the thought of chatting up someone tasty, as Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney reveals. "I was very awkward with the opposite sex when I was younger. I think every kid is for a long period of time” admits the actor dubbed Swooney Clooney. "The only time it changes is when alcohol comes into play, that's what happened with me. Alcohol helps a lot with women, it smoothes things over." Well, if it works for George…
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

easy money

Oct. 8, 2007 - You won抰 believe it - I just found out that I am about to receive $2,700,000.00! My family and my kids shouldn抰 ever have to worry about money again! It抯 not a result of my job, but of providence. It almost seems too good to be true?I opened up my email this morning to find that there was someone needing my help to extricate money from Zimbabwe. All I have to do is send $500 to help this poor fellow finish a business transaction, and I抣l receive $2.7 million in return.

I laugh when I get these emails. I can抰 imagine anyone falling for this scam. Scams such as this play on our greed.

All of us dream of winning the lottery or having a rich uncle who leaves us a fortune. We think we抮e smart enough to recognize when something is a scam, but are we really?

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Your Ms.Rich Is on is the 1st online dating services for wealthy women and is becoming the main website focus on this area.

Unlike other websites, such as,,, and traditional dating, just specializes in rich women's dating.

“There are hundreds of dating sites on the internet,but not one which is dedicated by wealthy women and handsome young guys,”said Joel Leyden,a journalist and media consultant residing in Israle.”There are a variety of dating websites available to both general and specialist groups, but what about the dating sites exclusively offer services for rich female?”

Online dating has led to a relationship revolution: two-thirds of UK singles looking for love found it on the internet last year.We also could find so many dating websites for male millionaires, because they don't have much time to look for a friend in their life and what they want is an effective and convenient access of finding a woman to date. However, this is also true to female millionaires. With the increasing number of wealthy women, rich women are in dire need of the websites which just concentrate on offering dating services to wealthy women.

Sugar mommy is a popular address for online dating wealthy women. " Sugar Mommy - Rich and successful. Tired of all the games of society? Are you looking to support and pamper men who will treat YOU like a queen? Interested in a discrete and mutually beneficial relationship? It is time to be a Sugar Mommy! ", this is the exact definition given by And what should we call the young guys who want to find a wealthy woman? The website also gives a sweet name for this group―sugarbaby. "Sugar Baby - Handsome and young. Struggling in the early part of your career? Seeking a generous Benefactress to pamper, mentor and take care of you - perhaps to help you financially? An aspiring actor, a college student or someone just starting out? You will make the perfect Sugar Baby! ", quoted from the site.

Sugarmommymeet aims to offer help to wealthy woman(handsome guy) to find a handsome guy(wealthy woman). “I have been an accomplished ladies’man after I’d been the member of sugarmommymeet,” said by David Morison, an energetic young guy. Sugarmommies also said ,”we seek others for a kiss, perchance to dream and share mind and dance among the roses. To share a thought, our sweat and understanding of one another for mutual growth and eternal friendship. We thirst and we provide.We want to provide affluent life for our sugar babies….”

Bill Mason, officer of sugarmommymeet, said that “we are endeavoring to meet all our customers needs! Perhaps the most important element of successful dating, marriage and finding a life-long partner is being lucky enough to find someone you have something in common with,","Common interests lead to mutual respect and respect leads to trust. Dating and singles sites through algorithm do match people by age, location and sex, but they truly miss the target when attempting to match creative souls with their counterparts. Rosebud will bring artists, writers, poets, painters and film directors together in their own support forum where they can exchange both ideas and telephone numbers." Ours aim is to provide our clients with high quality service.

"None of us are dating experts otherwise we would have a magic formula to present to others a long time ago. And physical appearance, looks are not the magic formula otherwise all supermodels would be blissfully happy - which they are not. Good looking people the world over struggle when it comes to affairs of the heart. Think of all the major figures in history who have fallen in matters of romance," say Bill.
"The truth is, there are no perfect tricks of the trade, no cunning ways of trapping Mr. or Miss Right and no top dating tips that wave a magic wand. But there are some essential facts that one should always bear in mind along the way. Dating tips are just that - tips, they are not promises written in stone and different things will always work differently for different people. The most important tip is to find that someone who you have the world in common with. We need to realize that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They are different species. Which makes the dating game even more challenging as we have and expect different biological expectations."
Bill concludes: "Just believe, you can find your Ms. Rich at here! Sugarmommy provides the virtual location for those elements to meet, develop and grow. And we provide the finest and friendliest networking tools to make it happen."

Thursday, October 11, 2007

steps for you to date rich woman

1Hang out where you know a lot of rich people are. You don't have to move to Palm Beach or anything. Try an exclusive fitness center, an upscale restaurant like the Cheesecake Factory, or country club.
2If you see that she's got a designer bag and sunglasses then you can probably go for it. Be careful and learn to recognize imposters.
3Dress in all white (only if before labor day) many people don't know this but white makes you seem richer. Act like you're important and if you can get someone to call you and yell at them on the phone for a while. Consider investing in a nice and expensive phone.
4Hang up and look to see if you've caught her eye. If so, approach her and try to make small talk, see if you can find out what her dad does for a living. If he's a surgeon, lawyer or if you recognize his've found your girl!! Ask her out to somewhere expensive, like Mortons. 5This is the one gamble because you're obviously going to have to pay for the first date and you do not want her to think you are miserly so don't be afraid to splurge. If she's really hot you may not want to waste your time unless she seems to really dig you. Get her number and don't call her for a few days. You want to seem mysterious and hard to get. Don't seem available or desperate.
6Congratulations! The hard part is over! Now all you have to do is impress her on your date and you're in! Sorry but you're going to have to go shopping and buy something way hot and in and get her a single red rose (a dozen seems desperate) Wear a memorable cologne and if you can spray some on her clothes (in secret) before the night is over to jog her memory when she goes to take off her clothes. This will get her remembering you and wanting more. Be a gentleman on your date. Have a friend call you in the middle of the date. Apologize profusely to your hot date and speak gruffly but with class to your friend. She will be intrigued and think of her important daddy.
7For your second date go somewhere free. Try a walk in the park or the beach. It won't break the bank and will show her you have a softer side. Have your buddy call you again but instead of answering it this time look at the call and turn off your phone or, better yet, if she will fall for it, do like in the movies and break it. She will instantly be in love with you.
If all goes well the two of you will soon be tighter than ever. Begin to let her offer to pay and soon things will fall in to place. Research her dad on the Internet or talk to his assistants and see if you can find his interests. When she takes you to meet them, bring a bottle of the most expensive wine (try your parents wine collection if you live near them) Tell her mom you know where her daughter got her looks and make sure you compliment her fathers cars, house, pool, etc. and make sure you talk about those interests you found out about him. It helps to bring "props" if possible. Never lie, just stretch the truth.

when you find a sugarmommy,you should...

By Alex Carter 1. Make sure your first encounter from an online dating site is in a very public place that you will be seen easily. A movie theater, sporting event, or crowded restaurant is ideal and any urgings to go anywhere private should be noted and refused until later dates. 2. While it is not necessarily a top notch concern, you should consider running a background check on the person if you don’t feel right. If you have a lot to lose financially think this is a concern, running a background check with available information is not a bad idea at all. 3. With some of the stories you hear about online dating sites it is not a bad idea for a female to have a little self defense training. Not that physical violence on a date is all that normal, but it never hurts to be a little prepared and confident. 4. Make sure you know where your safety (police, etc.) places are in relation to where you are going. If something, anything, should happen to you or your date is a good idea to know the area where you are when you set up a meeting on an online dating site. 5. One thing about online dating sites is that they have great ways to communicate and feel a false sense of security leading up to the first date. Because of this, always drive to the first date destination yourself and avoid driving together. 6. If you go from one place to another during the date then continue with the same philosophy of driving yourself to the destination. You never know when things could go wrong or you could have an argument and be stuck. 7. Remember another bad thing about online dating sites is that you can lie and cheat on your profile to your hearts content. This is good for you but also bad for you in that you can fib a little to get noticed, but get scammed by someone doing the same thing on an extreme level so always keep in the back of your mind that profiles aren’t always 100% correct. 8. Don’t let price be the determining factor about online dating sites for your choice because some are cheap for a reason. Lack of control, privacy, and respect are ways that sites can afford to be cheap, don’t believe you are getting a bargain, and pay the price for comfort. 9. Don’t assume that someone is using an online dating service because they are ugly or stupid, some people have a natural fear of asking someone out or dating in general. This doesn’t mean they are anything less than normal, some people fear spiders, others fear tests and still others fear dating. 10. A bad thing about online dating sites for those that live in rural or country areas is that it may not have a lot of options for you if you aren’t willing to relocate. Those in suburb or metro areas will benefit greatly from online dating sites while the rural folks may live in peril. Alex Carter is the Dating Expert for 10 Good Tips, an online help site for web surfers looking for information on a variety of topics. For more about Online Dating Sites or other serious dating issues, read more from Alex at 10 Good Tips!